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Custom Lacrosse Team Uniforms From the “Lacrosse Capital of America”

Cisco Athletic is located in Baltimore, Maryland, which some consider to be the lacrosse capital of the country. Lacrosse is like a religion here. Youth league participation is huge, and college and high school games draw crowds similar to major sports in other parts of the nation. Considering the number of players in our city and the fact that our owner played the game in college for one of the top teams in the country, you can be confident that Cisco knows what you’re looking for in a lacrosse uniform!

Lacrosse Uniforms

Cisco makes quality custom lacrosse jerseys and uniforms. We provide uniforms for club programs and school teams. While club teams wear high-quality, sublimated reversible uniforms, school teams prefer standard uniforms. Our reversible uniform with sleeves works well for both markets. Because it so closely resembles a standard uniform, many high schools with limited budgets have made it their varsity garment.

Cisco’s durable lacrosse team uniforms, jerseys and practice jerseys are lightweight and endlessly customizable. Don’t play it safe — select a wild animal print or camo design that will excite your players! Sublimation, which is our specialty, allows us to print any design you can imagine, while ensuring that your garments are as lightweight as possible to allow your players unrestricted freedom of movement.


We make more than custom “lax” jerseys and uniforms — Cisco also manufactures an almost unlimited array of accessories. Accessories include custom-printed sweats, socks, shorts, T-shirts, tees and even sublimated skullcaps.

Stock Uniforms Are Worth Checking Out

Are you cutting it close? Is your deadline approaching quickly? At Cisco, we create and ship completely custom uniforms in two to four weeks, but if you need uniforms even faster than that, you might want to order from our selection of quality stock products made from top manufacturers like Under Armour®, Badger, Champion and Alleson Athletic — and let us customize your stock lacrosse uniforms to your specifications.

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